PPA members manufacture an endless array of products.  In addition to customizations on standard products that are made on a daily basis, PPA members manufacture unique products that stretch the limits of what most people think can be done with concrete.  To see a list of many of the standard products and find PPA members for your next project, visit our producer member page.

Agricultural products: bunker silos, cattle guards, agricultural fencing, livestock slats, livestock watering troughs, etc.

Building and Site Amenities: light pole bases, balustrades, railings, bollards, steps, precast stairs, window wells, basement entries, and much more.

Cemetery Products: burial vaults, mausoleums, etc.

Marine Products: floating docks, underwater infrastructure, decking, railing, bulkheads, breakwater elements, and other uses along the waterfront.

Railroad products:  railroad ties, precast concrete railroad crossings.

Safe rooms, Storm shelters and Utility Buildings.